Saturday, August 16, 2014

How I Kicked The Habit Out Of My Crush

“Jake and I are just friends,” I said over and over to my skeptic friends. And we were, totally. If you asked him, Jake would hesitate for a nanosecond before confirming our platonic state and gushing about his hot girl of the moment. Our daily conversations, frequent hang outs and steady social media banter were simply convenient and entertaining…right? Jane certainly didn’t think so. My bestie staged an intervention that screamed – “Your fake boyfriend is blocking you from real life prospects. This addiction is clouding your dating sanity.” After admitting defeat (I already knew she was right pre intervention) I took action like a nicotine crazed junkie in search of the patch. I weaned myself off from daily to weekly contact and ceased jumping at every invitation. Here's the thing…it worked. I realized that my feelings really were platonic but the habit of everyday communication caused almost catastrophic confusion. So in the name of Jane, I beg all of you platonic friends out there to take notice of  toxic warning labels and proceed with romantic caution.

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  1. Aww, that must have been hard for you to admit, but it's a good thing you have a bestie like Jane to help you :)