Sunday, March 23, 2014

Money Can't Buy Me Love

Last night's date has me perplexed and searching for answers. With the exception of Kanye, I understand most  men are not in fact, searching for gold diggers. This begs the question as to why these said men decorate their first date conversations with hints of their fortune. Case in point: Mr. Money Bags began our night by explaining that he bought a tux just because and that because being ( wait for it)  that he just received a big time bonus( hint #1.) As our appetizers approached the table, we were solving my date's dilemma : should he purchase a second home in Florida or the Jersey Shore
 ( hint # 2.)  In case you're curious, he choose the Jersey beach front. Next, for no good reason, Mr. Money Bags began bragging about the price tags of his furniture (hint #3.) I looked to the sky and expected dollar bills to begin raining down upon my Caesar Salad. Now, I am not opposed to bills or bonuses or beach fronts but I resent being wooed by them. So to all the Mr. Money Bags out there : the old motto is not to be taken literally - take your wallet out of your mouth and I'll leave my umbrella at home. 

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