Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Crystal Ball is Crystal Clear

Detours and dead ends have decorated my dating life like a Christmas tree destined for a wilted and lopsided demise. I took a break and sought guidance from a higher power – a well referenced Psychic. With each timid step closer to her office, I debated my current state of sanity. How could this be real?  Under normal circumstances, I am a rational and evidence based thinker. But these are trying times and my spirit is at stake so I sauntered in and prepared to meet my destiny. Or, at best find out my Prince Charming is en route to meet me. What came next is shocking: My spiritual adviser mapped out the ultra-specifics on my next and last leading man – his name, height, occupation, location, personality type and wooing style were handed over to me like a weekly flyer at the supermarket.  She grinned and added, you will meet him in April and it will be magical. Happy Easter to me. Still skeptical, I am armed with the possibility that perhaps I was had but my crystal ball forecasted hope back into my days, and that is clearly worth it.  

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